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Mission, Vision and Core Values

The Center supports a University curriculum and research agenda by uniting academics and action, classroom and communities through which students, faculty, and community partners dedicate themselves to the transformation of civic life.


To promote community, equality and justice.


The Center for Public Service is committed to collaborative partnerships and programs that promote empowerment, understanding, civility and justice in our communities.

Core Values

In line with the University’s Core Values, we uphold the following as the foundation and guiding principles for community-engagement at Tulane. 

  • Diversity: Treating others with dignity and respect, encouraging expression, and developing understanding of and appreciation for differences and commonalities
  • Openness: Exchanging ideas and information openly and candidly to improve relationships and achieve mutual goals
  • Integrity: Acting ethically, responsibly and courageously to hold ourselves accountable to commitments and to doing what is right
  • Excellence: Performing at our very best and engaging issues as opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed
  • Community: Developing authentic, trusting relationships and participating in civic life


Statement of Support for Undocumented and DACA students

The Center for Public Service supports all students, regardless of citizenship status, including undocumented and DACA status applicants. Citizenship status does not affect eligibility for CPS funding. Questions regarding applying for CPS funding as an undocumented student can be directed to Nicole Caridad Ralston. For more information for resources for undocumented students and students with Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA), visit