International Programs

CPS promotes international service projects for Tulane students and faculty. Public service programs located outside of the United States provide a unique opportunity for students to explore different cultures and communities while doing public service. The incorporation of public service into study abroad programs creates a bridge to different cultures. This bridge facilitates the development of meaningful relationships and allows students to expand their skill sets while contributing to the communities that have welcomed them to their country.


Tulane international public service students dishing out at LHAThe Tulane Himalayan Experience Program is an international intensive service-learning program and 3-credit class (Philosophies of Nonviolence and Ecology), offered in partnership with the Tulane Philosophy Department. 

Students will spend four weeks in India involved in community service projects while engaging in a variety of learning opportunities to develop an understanding of North Indian and Tibetan culture and philosophy.

  • 2024 Program Dates: May 12th-June 8th (exact dates may change pending flights and final itinerary)
  • 2024 Program Fees: $3,950 + airfare ; need and merit-based scholarships are available 
  • Prerequisites: This course has no prerequisites.
  • Lead Faculty: Michael Smith
  • Academic Credits: Students will earn 3 academic credits (PHIL 3930: Philosophies of Nonviolence and Ecology) and fulfills the first or second tier of the public service graduation requirement.
  • 2024 Application Deadline: March 1, 2024
  • Community Engagement Projects: LHA Charitable Trust, Deer Park Institute for the Study of Indian Wisdom Traditions, Navdanya Seed Research Institute and Earth University, environmental projects and more
St. Martin

Tulane St. Martin Internation Public Service participantsThe "Engage in St. Martin" program will develop students’ understanding of basic ethnographic methodology and anthropological theory through lectures, written assignments, and fieldwork exercises. It will introduce programs that promote cultural, food, and economic sustainability. Through these activities, students will develop close mentorships with Rastafari members of the 4 Real We Agree With Culture association and learn from local community leaders, officials, artists, activists, scholars, and writers.

Students will be exposed to the history and contemporary social issues of the Caribbean, grassroots and social movements, including the Rastafari movement; and gain a firsthand sense of the socio-political and economic canvas shaping the island's realities.

  • 2024 Program Dates: May 21, 2024 - June 5, 2024
  • 2024 Program Fees: $4,650 + Airfare
  • Lead Faculty: Myriam Huet
  • Academic Credits: Students earn 3 credit hours (ANTH 3550: Social Change, Sustainability, and Postcolonial Identity in the Caribbean) and fulfills the first or second tier of the public service graduation requirement. Students can earn Africana Studies or Environmental Studies credit by request.
  • 2024 Application Deadline: March 1, 2024
Applying for CPS International programs

Applications for all CPS International programs are submitted through the Office of Study Abroad's application portal. Once on the site, search for the program you wish to apply for, by either using the search function or by clicking on the country of interest on the world map.

Scholarship Information

Merit and need based scholarships are available for students participating in CPS sponsored international programs (India, St. Martin). Scholarship requests are incorporated into the program application.