Partner Workshops, Forums, and Institutes

These programs and supporting resources help partner agencies develop as academic, public service co-educators and professionals while helping to build organizational capacity.

Racial Reconciliation and Equity Institute

CPS has been co-creating, innovating and carrying out Partnership Institutes since 2012. This year, in response to Tulane’s and the broader community’s increased interest, and in collaboration with the Center for Restorative Approaches and Equity in All Places, CPS supported the Racial Reconciliation and Equity Institute where Fellows delved into constructs and concepts of race including definitions, history, and institutional frameworks. Read full description here access all associated 2016-2017 materials here. The Institute took place at the Rosa Keller Library/Broadmoor Community Center.

Experiential Education and Leadership Institute

The Experiential Education and Leadership Institute engages civically minded nonprofit, school-based, healthcare, governmental, business, neighborhood and faith based professionals (Institute “Fellows”) with scholars and researchers in a program intended to increase their capacity and that of their communities to address complex social problems through experiential education partnerships. The program aligns with New Orleans’ greatest needs and Tulane’s most prominent partnership efforts. It is a sequence of day-long explorations where participants and scholars will delve deep into complex social problems including access to basic needs such as quality education, safe and stable living environments, affordable healthcare, healing arts & culture and viable occupations.

The Nonprofit Strategy Institute

The Nonprofit Strategy Institute is designed as an eight-session sequence of topics relevant to strategic leadership of today's nonprofit organizations. Sessions include a brief presentation introducing each topic, followed by discussions focusing on examples from the participants' own organizations. Each participant should commit to attend all eight sessions, completion of "homework" related to their organization (involving approximately an hour per session) and presentation of their homework for discussion within the group as a learning exercise for all.

Nonprofit Management Toolkit Workshop Series

In June 2010, CPS implemented a workshop series based on the needs and wants expressed by Community Partners. Hosting one free workshop approximately each month, CPS works with veteran partners toward providing informative presentations, interactive exchange and dialogue about issues of common interest and questions posed by our partners.