Service Learning Courses

Academic Service Learning is an educational experience based upon a collaborative partnership between the university and the community. Learning by listening and working with our community enables students to apply academic knowledge and critical thinking skills to meet genuine community needs. Through reflection and assessment, students gain a deeper understanding of course content, the context around many of the issues our society faces, and their own role as civically engaged members of society.

Placed at numerous sites throughout the city for a variety of courses, students spend 20 or 40 hours (depending on the class) completing their service throughout the semester.  For more information, please contact Bridget Smith.

Fall 2024 Service Learning Courses

Click here or see below for a listing of this semester's service learning offerings. Change the tabs to see current or past projects. Please contact the faculty of record for more info on a particular class.

Important Notes: 

  • Service Learning requires an additional time commitment outside of class. Students should plan to have at least a 3 hour block of time available a week to allow for time to get off campus and engage in service. If you do not have that flexibility, then plan for completing your service learning in another semester. 
  • The partner and project information in this document is subject to change with the needs and changes in our community and campus-community relationships.  What's provided is to give students an idea of what to expect at the time of registration, but we cannot guarantee that partners and schedules will stay the same.
  • If you are looking to fulfill your Tier II service through the Public Service Internship program, contact the Internships team at

Accessibility Accommodations:  If you need accessibility accommodations, please email to let us know. We can either guide you to find a good class fit, or work to create a project specific to your needs in your preferred class.