Internship Seminar

Internship Seminars are based on discussion sessions, professional development workshops, guest speakers from local organizations, and student presentations. CPS Internship Coordinators place students in the appropriate seminar depending on their department for credit and their internship. Internship Seminars are academic courses. They meet weekly during the academic year and run online during summer.

  • Communication Internship (limited to Communication major/minors only)
  • Careers in Health Sciences
  • Leadership and Ethics in Public Health
  • Psychology Internship
  • STEM Education Internship
  • Public History Internship SeminarĀ 
  • Topics in Community Engagement

Students receive a letter grade for the Internship Program. The letter grade is posted to the elective credits. The grade reflects work in the Internship Seminar and an evaluation of the internship from the internship supervisor. SRVC 4890 is graded S/U (based on completion of minimum number of hours required by department).