Registration and Grading

Registration for the CPS Internship Program occurs during the first two weeks of the semester for students interning during the academic year. Students will be registered for two courses:

  • Public Service Credit (SRVC 4890), 0 credits, carries second tier graduation requirement credit. Students will be cleared to register for this course once they have completed the internship paperwork.
  • Elective Academic Credit (ex. SPHU 4560), 1-3 GPA-bearing credits. The department offering credit will add the elective credits directly to student schedules. Most departments offer 3 credits for internships – students should review the information on participating departments for more information. Students do not need to contact their department for credit – CPS will contact them.

Students receive a letter grade for the Internship Program. The letter grade is posted to the elective credits. The grade reflects work in the Internship Seminar and an evaluation of the internship from the internship supervisor. SRVC 4890 is graded S/U (based on completion of minimum number of hours required by department).

Students who participate during the summer will be registered for the credits on their fall transcript. This allows students to avoid being charged for the credits at the summer tuition rate. Grades will be posted in December as with any fall course. August graduates will receive the credits and grade on their summer transcript and will be charged tuition for a summer course.

Note: the Communications Internship Seminar runs as a summer course; students in that seminar will be charged summer tuition.